Dragana Rankovic

I was born in Sweden to Serbian parents. Growing up in a secure and comfortable environment, I always harboured a curiosity for exploration. The first chance I got, I moved to the US, where my fascination with photography began to flourish. My education in film and printing took place at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC, and from that point forward, I was captivated. I aspired to become a photographer!

One day, I embarked on a two-year solo journey across the Asian continent, armed only with my camera. It was both the most terrifying and empowering experience of my life. I gained insights into diverse people and cultures, but, above all, I discovered my newfound passion: photography. It evolved into an unwavering companion, an all-encompassing passion, and a source of endless opportunities in my life ever since.

Skipping forward a few years of globetrotting and living in various countries, I have now made a home on the charming island of Malta. Here, I’ve dedicated the past decade to establishing a photography business and operating a photo studio in collaboration with fellow creatives.