Dragana Rankovic

I was born in Sweden to Serbian parents, being raised in a safe and comfortable environment I was always curious about exploring more. The first opportunity I had I moved to the US where my interest and love for photography was born. I learned about film and printing at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC and from there on I was hooked. I wanted to become a photographer!

One day I set out on a two-year solo trip around the continent of Asia, just me and my camera. It was the scariest and most empowering thing I did in my life. I learned about people and cultures but most of all I learned about myself and my newfound passion, photography. It became a constant friend, all-consuming passion, and a provider of endless opportunities in my life ever since.

Fast forward a few years of traveling and living in various countries, I have now settled on the little island of Malta where I spent the last 7 years building a photography business and running a photo studio with other creatives.