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I discovered my love of photography when I settled in New York in my late teens. It’s been an a constant friend, all-consuming passion and a provider of endless opportunities in my life ever since. I am just grateful for having chanced upon the art and craft of photography so early on and for its constant presence in my life of wandering.

During my many years on the road, photography became my best friend and companion. It has taught me patience and the skills of observation. It has helped me capture special and often fleeting moments in the lives of so many others, and given me a passport inside cultures and communities I would never have dared to approach without a camera slung around my neck.

I am self taught and over the years, I’ve had my share of trials and errors. As any passionate photographer would say, it’s an endless road of learning but one that I cheerfully travel. It keeps me moving, discovering and constantly learning. Photography is huge part of me and something I just understand and want to do more of. I love shooting people, their lives and stories as well as working with businesses and anyone with a new idea that photography can help bring to fruition.

I am a visual storyteller with a personal style. On each photoshoot, I aim to chase and harness natural light and strive for clean composition. I believe in staying true to my style by capturing the essence of who you truly are or the integrity and value of the brand that you looking to promote.

I want to get to know you, collaborate, create and work on new ideas.